Santa And Doctor

Santa: Every time i am getting same weird dream about vampire chasing me. And i am running throw same corridor and later i am pushing hard to open this door. But i am not able to open it.
Doctor says: Because it says "pull it".

Santa Singh In United States

Once santa singh went to United States.
Person 1: John mcuulum single.
Person 2: Jonny walker single.
Santa singh: Santa singh married.

Santa Sinking with titanic

Santa was sinking with titanic and he was laughing.
Banta: why you are laughing.
Santa: I not bought return ticket.

Santa titanic ke saath dub raha tha aur has bhi raha tha.
Banta santa se: Hash kyo raha hai?
Santa: Acha hua maine return ticket nahi kharida.


Santa Is Aids Patient

Santa to banta: Doctor told me. I have got AIDS.
Banta: What is AIDS?
A: Abb
D:duniyaa se
S: Sat sri akal

Santa banta se: Doctor ne mujhe kaha hai. Muhe Aids hai.
Banta: Ye aids kya hota hai.
I: Iss
D:Duniya se
S: Sat sri akal


Sardar Santa Kissed A girl

Sardar santa went and kissed a girl.
Girl what are you doing?
I am doing BA from khalasa college.

Ek sardar ek ladki ko kiss kar leta hai.
Ladki: Kya kar rahe ho?
Santa: BA from khalasha college.

Santa And Teacher

Santa in school.
Teacher: Write your father name in english.
Santa wrote: Beautiful red underwear.
Teacher: what is this??
Santa : My father name is sunder lal chadda.


Santa Riding The Horse

Santa Singh was riding the horse on london. He crossed the red light and suddenly police officer whistles.
Santa Singh: He lifted the tail of horse and said note the number

Ek baar santa singh godhe par sawar hokar london ke street cross kar rahe the.
Police officer siti baja kar rokta hai.
Santa singh gohde ki puch utha kar kahte hai, le kar le number note.

Santa Not Going To Doctor

Banta: You was suppose to visit doctor today.
Santa: No yaar, I am not feeling well today.

Santa Got Son

Banta: Congrats santa you are no become papa.
Santa: Don't tell my wife, i will surprise her.

Santa singh is Electrician

One lady calls santa singh electrician: My door bell is not working
Santa not comes for 5 days.
She called him again: Why you are not coming repair?
Santa singh: I am coming daily madam, But no one opens door when i press door bell.

Santa And Truck Driver

Why you are afraid of truck driver soo much.
Santa: Because my my wife ran away with truck driver and every time any truck comes. I think he will give my wife back.


Santa singh And Donkey

Santa lost his donkey and he was thanking to God..
One person was going from that road and asked him that why is thanking God?
Santa singh told he is thanking because donkey lost when he was not there. if he was riding on donkey then he would had been lost.


Santa And His Order

Santa was employing peoples for his factory. He ordered only married man will be employed.
Banta Asked: Why?
Santa singh: Becasue married men are more obedient.

Salesman Man And Santa Singh

Salesman: This computer will reduce your workload by 50%.
Santa singh: Ohh..I will buy two of them.

Banta Santa And Mitti

Banta singh: Santa ye mitti kyo khod raha hai?
Santa singh: Papaji ne kaha ki tune mera naam mitti me milla diya.


Santa Banta And Kiss

Santa singh: I kiss my wife every day when i leave before to office.
Banta singh: I do the same thing after you leave.

Santa Singh And Free Deilvery

Santa Singh went for deleviery in pizza hut.
Shop owner asked why you come here?
Santa Singh: Because it is written in board "Free Delivery".

Santa And Hot Cold Coffee

Santa Singh to customer: Drink while hot
Customer: Why?
Santa Singh: Because hot coffee cost 5 rs and cold coffee cost 10 rs.


Santa And Petrol Pump

Why no customer comes to get petrol from santa sigh petrol pump.
Because he opened it on second floor of building.

Santa Fall In Love

Santa fall in love with sister of hospital.
After much of thinking, He wrote I love you sister.

Santa singh and doctor

Santa singh: I swallowed a key.
Doctor: When
Santa singh: Sir 6 months ago
Doctor: What you were doing from these many months?
Santa singh: Sir, i was using duplicate key now i lost it.

Santa and bird

How santa singh tried to kill the bird?
He went to top of building and left bird from there.

Santa And Englishman

Titanic was sinking english man asked santa: How far is land from here?
Santa: Two kms from here.
Englishman: In which diresction
Santa singh: In downward direction.


Santa and His Girlfriend

Santa checked his girlfriend mobile. To check for which name she saved his name.
She saved his name as Timepass number 10.

Santa And Servent

Santa: Go give water to the plants in the garden.
Servent: Sir it is already raining.
Santa: So, what go take umbrella and give water to the plants.