Santa Attending the interview

Once Banta Singh attended an Interview.
      Interviewer : Give me the opposite words.
      Banta Singh : Ok
      Interviewer : Made in India
      Banta Singh : Destroyed in Pakistan
      Interviewer : Good… Keep it Up
      Banta Singh : Bad…. Put it Down
      Interviewer : Maxi Mum
      Banta Singh : Mini Dad
      Interviewer : Enough! Take your Seat
      Banta Singh : Insufficient! Don’t take my seat
      Interviewer : Idiot! Take your seat
      Banta Singh : Clever! Don’t take my seat
      Interviewer : I say you get out!
      Banta Singh : You didn’t say I come in
      Interviewer : I reject you!
      Banta Singh : You appoint me