Santa Singh And George Bush

Santa Singh Jokes in English

Santa went to US. George bust told him to dig the earth.
Santa started digging the earth. 100 feet, 200 feet.
Bush told: Did you find any thing??
Santa found a wire.
Bush told: This shows 100 years before also we had wire for communications.

Now santa invited george bush to india.
Santa took him to one forest and told him to dig the earth.
Bush dig 100, 200 300, 400 feet and tired.
Santa singh: Did you found any thing??
Bush: Nothing.
Santa singh: This shows even 400 years ago. We had "wireless".

Santa Singh Jokes In Hindi
Ek bar santa ji amerika jate hai.
Bush unse milte hai aur jammen khodne ko kehte hai.
Santa jammen khodte hai. 100, 200 feet.
Bust kahte hai ki: Kush mila?
Santa ji ko ek wire milta hai.
Bush kehte hai: ye proof hai ki hamre yaha 100 saal pehle bhi wire communication tha.

Ab santa ji bush ko india invite karte hai..
aur bush ko earth khodne ke liye kahte hai.
Bush 100, 200, 300 aur 400 feet khodte hai aur thak jate hai.
Santa singh bush se: Kuch mila??
Bush told: Nothing
Santa singh: Ye iss baat ka sabut hai ki 400 saal pehle bhi hamre yaha. "Wireless" tha.

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